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But what you need to do is set up common rules for how you want it, the risk is otherwise that it becomes misunderstanding.

Extremely important to talk about concern, how it feels, what you want and long for. I hear on your energy that this is powerful and right. Nurse relationship, va generous with and against each other. Release Prestige and long-term completely and remind each other if you have who joins you when it feels too far and hopeless.

Hey! I am a woman of 30 years and has been single for a year. Have talked to some here at the meeting place but I have a pretty tough background. So when I start telling little – they stop being heard. How long should it go before I start telling?

Answer: One can tell you a lot but it is always easier when you are seen for real. Then it is good and think about how and why we share our experiences. Everyone has a baggage. The risk when we set up everything directly is that it is perceived as that we have not processed our history, as we are in the middle of everything difficult. There is a difference in being personal and private, ask you soul what your purpose is with taking everything at once. Are you afraid to be rejected or do you want to be honest? Or is it so that it is part of your processing?

If you want to try to be a little patient, be a little more cautious, it is good if you think about asking more questions, take a little at a time and wait until the questions come back. There is no right and wrong but because you noticed this, it may be interesting to try another tactic for a while.

When it comes to children, then one should be honest with it and at the same time careful when it comes to how early you let the children meet the new one, for children’s sake. In this topic, there is much written and many who have the experience and of course there are those who do not fuss, where the children do not think it is weird or wrong. You know your children and know what is right in your case.

Should you fit to give compliments relating to the appearance? I am looking for a serious and long-lasting relationship.

Answer: Yes, why not? Most become happy amen maybe you should be careful to be specific.

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